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claireteo ([personal profile] claireteo) wrote2013-07-26 09:26 pm

In Your Eyes

Hello, I have been extremely busy as always & honestly, I am exhausted from almost everything. 

Last saturday, I went to vivo with tricia & feli to watch despicable me 2! (i'm slow, i know) & it was so much better than monsters university wtf. like 10x better because of all the cute minions hahaha.


This was my #ootd. skirt from top shop, & pullover from far east plaza. I don't need to talk about the bag & my shoes LOL

Went to dian xiao er for lunch, they serve really good roasted duck there oh my gosh.

Tricia came at around 3pm while me and feli were browsing in franc franc. We walked around for a while and then bought nachos, ice lemon tea & mushroom soup, which pretty much sucked. 

After the movie, my dad was waiting for us at bornga already (it's a really good bbq restaurant, though they do not serve any chicken meat haha) cos I was craving for kbbq. 

We had 4 types of meat.......but the samgyupsal was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW IM CRAVING FOR IT :(

Headed back to granny's after a fairly satisfying meal.

Time for a spam of our faces. (CAMWHORE LEVEL: US)


Will blog more tomorrow. OVER N OUT.