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Hello, I have been extremely busy as always & honestly, I am exhausted from almost everything. 

Last saturday, I went to vivo with tricia & feli to watch despicable me 2! (i'm slow, i know) & it was so much better than monsters university wtf. like 10x better because of all the cute minions hahaha.


This was my #ootd. skirt from top shop, & pullover from far east plaza. I don't need to talk about the bag & my shoes LOL

Went to dian xiao er for lunch, they serve really good roasted duck there oh my gosh.

Tricia came at around 3pm while me and feli were browsing in franc franc. We walked around for a while and then bought nachos, ice lemon tea & mushroom soup, which pretty much sucked. 

After the movie, my dad was waiting for us at bornga already (it's a really good bbq restaurant, though they do not serve any chicken meat haha) cos I was craving for kbbq. 

We had 4 types of meat.......but the samgyupsal was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW IM CRAVING FOR IT :(

Headed back to granny's after a fairly satisfying meal.

Time for a spam of our faces. (CAMWHORE LEVEL: US)


Will blog more tomorrow. OVER N OUT.
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 Sorry for not blogging over the past 2 weeks, i've been REALLY REALLY busy. Not even kidding.

(9/7/13 TUESDAY)

Stayed back to do work with chinese teacher & shane cos we didn't complete it.....stayed till 4pm & then I went home. Dad fetched me for dinner after that & we went to bedok 85 food centre! finally tried the ~*famous*~ bak chor mee.

The funny thing is, this isn't even the bcm that everyone was raving about! I didn't know that there's actually two bcm stores and that they were actually next to one another oh my god. The noodles from this stall was pretty good & so were the meatballs! I like how they give you so much chilli slices ^____^

(12/7/13 - Friday)

Mom got back from Paris on Friday! She bought so much food stuff back with her, and she got me laduree & fauchon macarons, and they definitely tasted better than the ones in Sg. 

There were so many flavours in the laduree one, including the seasonal flavours like iced mint, strawberry mint, venezuela chocolate, yuzu ginger etc. I really liked the mint one cos of the pretty turquoise colour <3

I forgot what flavour was this but it was so good. 

(21/7/13 - SATURDAY)

Went to collect my kebaya from my grandma & at the same time, went to bras basah area to have chicken rice, which was pretty disappointing in my opinion. Standard dropped :-(

This was my #ootd 

MCM bag pack, tiger top from far east plaza & H&M shorts! pretty casual outfit. 

Went back home after running all my errands and I went to my cousin's house for a family gathering (mom's side).

Changed, bathed & this was my #ootn.

Idk but this is one of my favourite outfit coordinates, I really love my new shoes! Reached my cousin's place at about 10PM & we watched shutter (the us ver.) & I was so scared lmfao. Celebrated Mel's birthday & ate cake etc.

(19/7/13 - FRIDAY)

Today was Racial Harmony Day & we celebrated it in school today! I wore my grandma's kebaya & it fitted me so well in terms of size lol. I think I look weird in it though ._.
Bought the brooches/pins from tanjong katong complex last sunday, and they were quite expensive since it's like the raya season rn. 

Something really bad happened in school during p.e today, and yunshan had to go to all the way to kk hospital :( hope she gets well soon.

Took a pic with dearest palace pony jessica. We've become quite close since the middle of last year & I'll really miss her once she graduates sigh noooo0000ooooooo :'( 

I'll be watching despicable me 2 tomorrow (FINALLY) with my cousins so I guess I'll blog again tomorrow night!

These 2 weeks were definitely really eventful, and the best is yet to come.

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Yesterday was no doubt the best night of my life. I had so much fun despite going to super show alone! I took quite a couple of fancams but sadly, my camera battery got confiscated 1/4 into the show :-( fyi the video above are fancams i took that day! all compiled into one video.

This was my ootd:

& my tickets + lightstick for the night ;)

So I left my house at about 3.30 that day & I reached the stadium at 4. Decided to get myself a drink cos I was really thirsty + my throat was in really bad shape. GUESS WHO I SAW THE MOMENT I STEPPED OUT OF THE FUCKING CAR.


I was having my poker face on but I was like 10m away from him so my thoughts were pretty messed up like I WAS GOING APESHIT IN MY MIND wtf wtf lol. anyway he was so handsome irl & I just walked into Kallang Leisure Park to get myself a drink.

Bought overpriced vitamin water because just tastes nicer LMAO i'm being such a bitch rn.

I was alone so I didn't really know where to go. I just aimlessly walked over to the stadium & then I heard so many fangirls shrieking at the top of their lungs. I didn't know what happened so I just went up to the north entrance.

I bumped into my china schoolmate & then we just stared at each other for like 5 seconds. She gave me this bitchy look so I just glanced at her and moved on. I joined the queue & after 15 mins, we were in!!

The concert hall really brings back so much memories of super show 3 & girls generation 2011 tour....... but I was about to make a new memory for myself so i was pretty excited!

A really nice concert-goer asked me if she could sit next to her friend since I was sitting alone, & then she told me that her seat was one row in front so of course I said yes & went to my new seat ^^;;

I was sitting next to an aunty & she kept covering her eyes whenever I screamed lol ==
These fan project banners are for marry u & so i. There are 2 more for youngwoon's solo as well as day dream.

So the concert finally starts & I couldn't scream at all, cos my throat was too painful :( but I just tried & i sounded like a dying whale.
The theme for ss5 was 'SJI', it's like a detective/spy sorta thing. Anyway all the vcrs were really cool, the one I liked the most was donghae shirtless in the toilet & then he takes a gun *.* I like the one where he was waiting for his girlfriend to wake up too~

I'm just gonna skip to the ment......
  • everyone introduced themselves in english but kyu's intro was........epic win. LOL
it went like this:

siwon: what's your name?

HAHAHA throughout the night, kyu's english cracked EVERYONE up, including suju.
  • donghae hurt his hand while playing soccer (what kid) & then he kept apologizing because he couldn't give his best (but don't worry bb, you did :3)
  • sungmin & donghae did gwiyomi player, sungmin did it with his butt at the end (LOL) & then donghae was just full of adorable.
  • the boys kept reiterating on the 1-night only thing & then all of them said they really wanted to have a 2nd day or a 3rd day, but due to bad planning (shame on you, rits lol), they could only perform one night & suju even thought they didn't have much fans left here :-( which is not true.
I finally witnessed neorago irl. that was perfection, but it still didn't sound like it did 4 years back ngl. Club no.1 was also one of my favourite performances despite them holding onto girls & all that.

Kangin almost lost his balance during alone!! It must've been difficult to dance in heels.

ROCKSTAR. DAMN. HYUKJAE WAS SO HIGH DURING ROCKSTAR. shirtless x wet x high....................................holy shit. That was when I got called out by a security guard to confiscate my camera battery :( I had to pay a $3 battery deposit, and I should've brought an extra battery. or maybe I should've just took photos later.

  • we turned on our lightsticks and finger torches for day dream & the ment after that, and the whole stadium lighted up. it was a really really pretty sight & i was blown away.

Credited as tagged. After daydream ended, siwon looked really surprised & even pointed out to one of the members. During the ment after, kangin said we all looked like stars. & then they requested for the lights to be turned off, so that our lights could shine even brighter :')

Kyuhyun introduced the next song and it. was. so. funny.

Siwon (in english): Can you introduce to next song using english?
Kyu (in english): the next song is.....sweet....are.....we are super junior!!

Siwon fucking cracked up & he fell to the floor LOL WONKYU

After that they sang a medley of their ballads and it was really beautiful. That was one of the best moments of the night.

During dancing out or smth (i can't remember), henry tore his pants & it was so funny! it was pretty obvious & the boys covered it up by putting ultra-man boxers on henry HAHAHA. The rest of the boys checked their pants to see if it was torn too ;;

They kept joking on how they should have a smaller-scale concert next time & how they should sing the first verse of every song (kyu you little brat)........ and kyu even said they expected too much from the sg fans :( sigh RITS!!!!!!!111!!!! lol

Hyukjae: how many shows should we give? 3? 4?
Shindong: 5? 6?
Hyukjae: just one day?

Someone suddenly said "PEPPER CRAB PEPPER CRAB" & then hyukjae said they just had pepper crab. Kyu suddenly sang "I'm crab I'm crab" in the tune of trap omg lol, siwon & kyu then danced & sang "i'm crab I'm crab" while dancing like a crab. HAHA.

Kyu also said in english, "YOU SO SO LUCKY" & that people who didn't attend that night would regret it, so I was glad I went for it. Honestly, I wouldn't have been that sad to miss it, but now after attending ss5 sg, I really can't miss any more super shows.

Henry said he really felt a connection with the fans in sg & he also had alot of singaporean friends, so he always feels comfortable performing in sg. & he even said he'll definitely perform trap in sg next time.

Zhoumi said he may have a book-singing for his new book in sg, but idk if it's true or not :)

They sang marry u after that & the whole crowd was like singing along, just not as loud as the ss1 performance, haha. Kyu & hyuk took the marry u fan project banners! & then hyuk said "MARRY ME LA" HAHAHA. after that they went back in & everyone was shouting encore.

We were supposed to sing shining star (because we wanted to be ~*different*~) but it didn't work out. Everyone was cheering really loudly but I only heard some people in the mosh pit going "shining star, like a little diamond" & that was it. Their voices got drained by all the cheering. :(

The ment before the last song, donghae said that he was really sorry that he couldn't give his best & that his hand would probably recover by tomorrow, but we only had one night :( sigh he was so adorable.

During so i, I was just singing along & just looking at all the members.....I felt really happy & proud of them. & then it was the ending ment. WONKYU SHARED A PAPER KISS ^3^ hehe there was so much wonkyu that night!

So the concert ended & everyone was packing up & leaving. Suddenly a wild hyukjae appeared (not really, lol).

With a mic in hand, he started talking (quite seriously) & yeah, it was about the only13 petition.

this was what he said:

I came here because I have something to say.

Since everyone will be taking fancam so I hope this will get out to Korean fans and fans from all over the world.

Recently I heard about bad things happening between our fans so I thought I should come out and explain.

Zhoumi and Henry are not official members of Super Junior.

However Zhoumi and Henry are official members of SJM. We worked together for so long and we grew to have feelings with each other already, like family.

There won't be official activities with zhoumi and Henry.

Please don't have any misunderstandings but please still keep supporting them.As for the part about standing together on stage for SS5, there's no other meanings.

As we were having concerts we were in the same waiting room, and they also waited in the waiting room.

They look lonely waiting in the waiting room and they wanted to stand on stage and perform for everyone too.

So please look after them with a warm heart and please support henry and zhoumi in their SJM activities.

 I was so proud of hyukjae for standing up for zhoumi & henry. He's usually very quite and will keep mum about such serious issues like these. It is not easy for someone to go up on stage alone to address over 5,000 people about such an issue. Thank you hyukjae, thank you so much. Even if it means losing fans or popularity, he just needed to clarify the matter. I hope zhoumi & henry gave him a huge hug after that.

Thank you super junior, until we meet again.


Jun. 30th, 2013 11:13 pm
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 Hello hello. Went out with my mom today to Far East Plaza, The Centrepoint & 313 Somerset for some shopping!! It has been ages since I went out with my mom alone to just shop & eat :-)

I got quite a handful of stuff for myself & my mom bought some clothes for herself too....... 

Bought these hong kong egglets for me & mom to share. One packet only costs $2!! & the serving size is just right for two people to share. Available in chocolate & cheese flavours as well. You can find these at Far East Plaza level one :) 

Those really tasted authentic like the ones in HK, which I'm pleased to say. Hahaha.

Next, we went to the Centrepoint to collect mom's clothes @ Robinsons. It was p. boring over there so nothing really caught my eye.

We headed to 313 Somerset after that, and it was just opposite Centrepoint so we had to walk over. I bought green tea macchiato from koi which tasted h o r r i b l e, to add to my disappointment, the cashier was rude as FUCK. 

Walked over to popular to get my new pencil case & I forgot to bring my popular membership card :-( sigh sigh sigh. Bought a math & e math books as well (lol kill me). 

Saw HMV & we just walked in to look around.......& I SAW EXO'S XOXO ALBUM. & guess what? of course I got it. Came with a free poster so I'm probably gonna ~*decorate*~ my room with it soon. Bought exo k's ver. cos I'm more of a k fan. (I still love m ok lol) 
Got suho's photocard although I wanted baekhyun/chanyeol/sehun T_____T but i'm fine with joonmyun hehehe. The album is of really good quality (c'mon, it's sm) & the album design is so cute!! cries no regrets buying this album at all. 

Went to takeaway sushi after that @ Bedok then went home after that.
My loots of the day. The nivea rose & jojoba oil lip balm is really good oh my god. & I got the tank top from Far East for $10. Overall, today was really really good & I'm glad my last day of the holidays were spent well. 

Will blog less often as school's starting, wish me luck for sem 2. *prays* 


Jun. 28th, 2013 11:44 pm
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Hello. I'm feeling rather down now, maybe because I kind of don't want to go back to school. I want to learn & study but honestly the people there.....I just can't with them. lmao. I'm not pin-pointing anyone but just everyone in general. 

Sometimes I just don't want to talk or interact, it's not because I'm anti-social, it's not because I don't like you or anything. I just want to have my own space. Gradually people will leave me alone, & sometimes it's just better that way. I'd rather just have friends like Clarissa, Karin, Shane, Yun Shan & the drama club people by my side, I'll be contented. They're the ones who really understand & know me. Of course I have other acquaintances but I just treat them as school mates. Haha.

For the rest of 2013, I'm just going to do my own work & just study hard, oh & I gotta handle the drama club overwhelming lmao, but I'll get the hang of it. When you don't have anyone to talk to, the best way is to just write/type it out. I like doing this hahaha. 

this is probably the most accurate gif to represent my feelings lmfao CRIES bye


Jun. 28th, 2013 02:14 pm
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I got a couple of really good kpop dvds that I wanna talk about today, and they're mainly concert dvds (besides IAM which is a sment produced movie lmfao) but yeah, my aunt got 2 new ones for me yesterday, girls' generation's 1st japan tour dvd & shinee's first concert dvd. They're pretty old but I don't mind since I think I'm going to collect them....all. haha.

Read more... )

Honestly the snsd japan dvd was of really good quality (esp the sound & the filming)& the close-ups are all really really good. The shinee one was not really as good as snsd's. Idk i think japan-produced stuff are more hq? but both are still really nice to watch.

Oh yes I finally got my official super show 5 light stick! It's the original one even though I bought it at comics connection, I was browsing around & I saw it...I was contemplating on whether I really should buy it then because it was really expensive for a light stick, on the other hand, I didn't want to queue for merchandise (pre-order or on the day itself) so I bought it in the end.

The day after, RITS announced that the pre-order is starting this Saturday at Plaza Sing.....which is so coincidental because I bought my light stick at plaza sing too. THEY'RE SELLING THE LIGHT STICK FOR $15 WHILE I BOUGHT IT FOR $25. HAHA. I'm so dumb, right? but they're selling the light stick in a bundle with folders/paper bags (wtf)/button set (double wtf) & other stuff that are not worth the money. So I guess I made the right choice?
this is the photo of the light stick. It's really nice!!and it's quite light but I'm scared that'll break when I bring it to the stadium. I hope that the fans will be giving out free stuff (lmao i'm sorry) like photo cards or cloth banners.....during ss3 I rushed down to get most of them so I hope ss5 will be the same. I want to buy the ss5 official tee too if there's any LOL :-(

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Hi! ok this is like my first official post on dreamwidth, I feel like i'm using livejournal on here but i guess it's better (?). Lj disappointed me & yeah I finally quit using blogger/lj etc., so I'm here on dw. It's 1am and I can't sleep $/;&@$; 


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