Jun. 30th, 2013 11:13 pm
claireteo: (Default)
 Hello hello. Went out with my mom today to Far East Plaza, The Centrepoint & 313 Somerset for some shopping!! It has been ages since I went out with my mom alone to just shop & eat :-)

I got quite a handful of stuff for myself & my mom bought some clothes for herself too....... 

Bought these hong kong egglets for me & mom to share. One packet only costs $2!! & the serving size is just right for two people to share. Available in chocolate & cheese flavours as well. You can find these at Far East Plaza level one :) 

Those really tasted authentic like the ones in HK, which I'm pleased to say. Hahaha.

Next, we went to the Centrepoint to collect mom's clothes @ Robinsons. It was p. boring over there so nothing really caught my eye.

We headed to 313 Somerset after that, and it was just opposite Centrepoint so we had to walk over. I bought green tea macchiato from koi which tasted h o r r i b l e, to add to my disappointment, the cashier was rude as FUCK. 

Walked over to popular to get my new pencil case & I forgot to bring my popular membership card :-( sigh sigh sigh. Bought a math & e math books as well (lol kill me). 

Saw HMV & we just walked in to look around.......& I SAW EXO'S XOXO ALBUM. & guess what? of course I got it. Came with a free poster so I'm probably gonna ~*decorate*~ my room with it soon. Bought exo k's ver. cos I'm more of a k fan. (I still love m ok lol) 
Got suho's photocard although I wanted baekhyun/chanyeol/sehun T_____T but i'm fine with joonmyun hehehe. The album is of really good quality (c'mon, it's sm) & the album design is so cute!! cries no regrets buying this album at all. 

Went to takeaway sushi after that @ Bedok then went home after that.
My loots of the day. The nivea rose & jojoba oil lip balm is really good oh my god. & I got the tank top from Far East for $10. Overall, today was really really good & I'm glad my last day of the holidays were spent well. 

Will blog less often as school's starting, wish me luck for sem 2. *prays*