Jun. 28th, 2013 02:14 pm
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I got a couple of really good kpop dvds that I wanna talk about today, and they're mainly concert dvds (besides IAM which is a sment produced movie lmfao) but yeah, my aunt got 2 new ones for me yesterday, girls' generation's 1st japan tour dvd & shinee's first concert dvd. They're pretty old but I don't mind since I think I'm going to collect them....all. haha.

I already have most of the super junior ones like super show 2 & super show 3, but I don't have the first one & now I'm waiting for super show 4 dvd to come out..................... lol look at my priorities ٩(´Д` ;)۶:.*

Honestly the snsd japan dvd was of really good quality (esp the sound & the filming)& the close-ups are all really really good. The shinee one was not really as good as snsd's. Idk i think japan-produced stuff are more hq? but both are still really nice to watch.

Oh yes I finally got my official super show 5 light stick! It's the original one even though I bought it at comics connection, I was browsing around & I saw it...I was contemplating on whether I really should buy it then because it was really expensive for a light stick, on the other hand, I didn't want to queue for merchandise (pre-order or on the day itself) so I bought it in the end.

The day after, RITS announced that the pre-order is starting this Saturday at Plaza Sing.....which is so coincidental because I bought my light stick at plaza sing too. THEY'RE SELLING THE LIGHT STICK FOR $15 WHILE I BOUGHT IT FOR $25. HAHA. I'm so dumb, right? but they're selling the light stick in a bundle with folders/paper bags (wtf)/button set (double wtf) & other stuff that are not worth the money. So I guess I made the right choice?
this is the photo of the light stick. It's really nice!!and it's quite light but I'm scared that'll break when I bring it to the stadium. I hope that the fans will be giving out free stuff (lmao i'm sorry) like photo cards or cloth banners.....during ss3 I rushed down to get most of them so I hope ss5 will be the same. I want to buy the ss5 official tee too if there's any LOL :-(

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