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Hi! ok this is like my first official post on dreamwidth, I feel like i'm using livejournal on here but i guess it's better (?). Lj disappointed me & yeah I finally quit using blogger/lj etc., so I'm here on dw. It's 1am and I can't sleep $/;&@$; 


I'm Claire & I live in Singapore...........ok that was boring. Anyway I don't really have much to say about my life because I'm only fifteen and well fifteen year old singaporeans like me do not have an interesting life. at all. I doubt I would have the time to actually blog regularly when school starts in 4 days (oh, hell). 

I'm in my school's english drama & debating society although we don't even do any debating shit lmao we just act for competitions or school events. I just got appointed as president & I'm pretty overwhelmed by that fact.
I've been a kpop fan since late '08/early '09 and the first kpop group I loved was shinee. Up till now, I still love all of their songs & all of them have such amazing personalities. Super junior soon took over my heart (ew lol so cheesy) and now I'm more of an elf than a shawol. I love girls generation as well. 

I have so much feels for donghae, yoona, jessica & jonghyun. ٩(๑ᴗ๑)۶

I've been to super show 3 (2011), snsd's world tour (2011), smtown singapore (2012) & super show 5 (july 2013) & I'll probably blog about super show 5 sg when it's over, I can't wait!

I'm an infj, which means I'm introverted. I do not like to express my feelings or talk that much, and I prefer writing my thoughts out on paper or a blog like this. I do not like people looking at me & it's quite sad when I have to tell my classmates to stop doing that :( I may seem pretty weird or boring to people but once I get to know someone, I will warm up to them & I'll start opening up by then. 

oh yes, i have a picture of my face ༼´◉◞౪◟◉༽

wait for it


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